3 Simple Article Writing Secrets that Get More Mileage From Your Internet Marketing Articles

Actually, many writers, not just those writing Internet marketing articles, have used these three simple techniques for years…if not centuries.Very few ideas are grounded in just one concept, one idea, or one description. Additionally, each reader, and each publisher or editor, is also usually just looking for the idea or concept that will fit the needs of his or her particular audience. In writing Internet marketing articles, not only is this true in relation to the human reader, but it also applies to search engine spiders as well. However, many search engine submissions are now being scrutinized to make sure that the content of the web page or article does not exactly match that of another.In other words, to get the most mileage out of an idea for an article intended to be used for Internet marketing purposes, you need to be able to get that idea out to as many places in as many forms as possible. It used to be that simply writing one article and submitting it to several article directories was sufficient. If it was a halfway decent article it would soon be shown on several different sites, and all would point back to your site through the link(s) you provided, usually in the ‘Author’s Resource’ box or whatever was used to include the writer’s information.However, in the new world of writing Internet marketing articles, having 200 web pages with the same article is sometimes, to the search engines at least, like having only one page pointing back as it discards the other 199 and just keeps one. In fact, some search engines are said to penalize a web page’s ranking if too many indiscriminate, and similar, links point towards it.So, what we need to do is use an old writer’s secret (old secret, not old writer) to make the same article different. This way, not only can we use the article on several different websites to provide effective links to our Internet business web page, but we can use the same article in different venues as well.Now, the system itself is quite simple, but often overlooked by those just beginning writing Internet marketing articles. Whether it is simply from some sort of artistic pleasure in producing each individual piece of work, or from worries of being caught at copying their own work, they write one article and then go through the birth pangs of trying to write another.There are three simple tricks to make that process just a little easier. After all, getting the idea for the initial article is often harder than writing the article itself, so once you have that part out of the way, here’s what you can do.Tip #1 – Rewrite the Internet marketing article for different subjects or article venuesFirst of all, realize that almost any subject can be looked at from several different perspectives. Each of these perspectives can serve as a way to re-express the content of the article.For example; let’s say that I write an article about vehicle safety and my intent is to talk about how keeping your car properly maintained is conducive to vehicle safety. In the course of writing the article, I state how being prepared for all emergencies can get you safely to your goal. I link this article to some item having to do with automobile maintenance. I can now place this article on blogs or forums where automotive maintenance would be considered important.I then realize that the same steps I have outlined as being necessary to keep your car running properly so you can safely reach your destination could just as easily be applied to achieving a financial destination, such as accumulating savings or eliminating debt, and I re-write the article, using my basic maintenance steps as a model on which to hang my fiscal consultant hat and I can link the article to a debt elimination product and publish it in a forum on matters related to debt, credit, money management, etc.Again I realize that the same basic article, modified slightly, of course, can be used to illustrate how to reach ANY goal, so I rewrite again, but this time I use the content to illuminate the steps one can take in life to achieve financial success, for example, and I can also link this to my debt elimination service, another financial service or product, or to any one of many self-help or self-improvement products. It now could be published almost anywhere that people would be interested in the subject of success.I have now used one original article to express three different ideas, suitable for presentation to three different (although possibly overlapping) groups.Tip #2 – Rewrite the Internet marketing article from top to bottom.In this instance, I wish to keep the same substance and general tone of the article, but I may be wishing to publish it at different article directories.Let’s look at two paragraphs from an article on synthetic motor oils:
Let’s start with the cost per quart issue. Synthetic motor oils ARE more expensive at purchase. However, these oils last longer, requiring fewer oil changes. As a synthetic motor oil outlasts several changes of petroleum based lubricants, the ultimate out-of-pocket cost of the lubricant is less. This cost savings becomes even greater if you have someone else change your oil for you rather than doing it yourself!Synthetic motor oils have a higher initial viscosity index and less viscosity breakdown as compared to conventional lubricants. They also have more uniformly sized molecules. This means that over the period of life of the oil, more lubrication, hence less heat and more protection is being provided to the engine. In other words, longer engine life.”
If I were to wish to use this article in a second directory, the above information may be modified this way:
The cost per quart of synthetic motor oils is an issue with many people. While it is true that synthetic motor oils ARE more expensive to purchase, these oils last longer, requiring fewer oil changes. Since the synthetic motor oil will outlast several changes of petroleum based lubricants, the final out-of-pocket cost is less in the long run. This cost savings is increased if you normally have someone else change your oil for you rather than doing it yourself!It is also important to savings that synthetic motor oils have a higher initial viscosity index and less viscosity breakdown as compared to conventional lubricants. Because of this and their more uniformly sized molecules, more lubrication is being provided to the engine during the life of the lubricant. Since synthetic motor oils maintain their viscosity longer than petroleum based lubricants, this means longer engine life with less maintenance and fewer breakdowns.” If this sort of rewrite is done to most of the article, it will generally appear as a new article to search engine spiders which encounter it on two different sites. While re-writing an article for publication can be very time consuming, it could result in much higher rankings.By the way, one article directory site, and there may be more that I don’t know of, SubmitYourArticle.com has a feature which allows you to edit and rewrite portions of your article so that when the article is submitted to different customers for publication on THEIR article directory sites or in their ezine or forums, they each get a different version of the same article.Tip #3 – Use the article to generate ideas for other Internet marketing articles.Very often as you write one article, you will write a paragraph or sentence, or make a comment on something and think, “Hey! That would make a good article itself.” Jot that down somewhere, or it will disappear. After the article is finished, go back and see if there are any components in the article which could also be developed into their own article.To use our maintenance article above, I actually wrote an article like this in which I mentioned that maintenance of tires was important to safety and fuel economy. I then used some of the information to write an article on tire maintenance and safety, and another on fuel economy from the viewpoint of maintenance.Well, there’s three tips on how to get better mileage when writing Internet marketing articles. Now, do I publish this on my writing blog or on my site that has the automotive theme?

Reasons You Should Own An Automotive Scan Tool

As the progress of science is continuous, it seems that automotive diagnosis and repair are more difficult and complicated. Recent advances in an automotive technology have eliminated many physical moving parts and linkages. Advanced technologies have replaced them with electrical devices and wires. Their jobs are not visible to the naked eye. Just seeing, hearing, or touching the parts to try to find the problem are out-of-date way of diagnosis. Modern vehicles seem cold and scary looking expensive machine when you deal with problems. But actually, they are not. They can show you a lot of detailed and precise information, current status and when problems occur they tell you what and where the problems are. All you need is an automotive scan tool to communicate with your car.Here are reasons you should own an automotive scan tool.Modern automobile computer systems are very sensitive. The computer can sense a small abnormality. It is so small that a driver can’t notice. Even if it happens only one time in the last 100 times of key cycles, check engine light comes on and tells a driver that the problem may exist. In this case, all you need to do is clear the light and see if the light comes back on. You should think about going to auto mechanic shop and having it repaired if the light comes back on.Most auto repair shops have their own scan tool that sometimes cost several thousands. They have to pay for the gigantic and expensive equipment and mechanics who do the job. So they need to charge for diagnosis. Some shops do it for free of charge but that is only for reading codes, not diagnosing. If you have one you can do it yourself. That saves a lot of your time.As automotive technology is developing, automotive scan tools have more features, more compact and most importantly, less expensive. The scan tools used to need different connectors for different makes or models. The connectors got standardized, which means you can use the same scanner for any car, regardless of make, model, import or domestic. Most budget ones can fit in the glove box. Although they have small displays they shows you code’s numbers and descriptions, and readings of vehicle sensors. Sometimes, it has testing features. And some of them make it possible that you use your laptop or cell phone as a scan tool.Even if you own an automotive scan tool, sometimes your car ends up in a repair shop anyway. But by having one for your own, you won’t need to go to repair shops as often as you do now. I bet you.

Automotive Insurance Quotes

Automotive insurance quotes are derived based on the age, history of driving and the type of vehicle. And today there are many companies which only specialize in giving such quotes and consultation that what to chose and what not to depending on the profiling of the customers.Since this industry is mushroomed in the last decade therefore many companies are enjoying the inevitability of the industry. This is inevitable because for social status customers definitely buys car, motorcycle etc and as soon they are the owner of any vehicle the state imposes certain rules on them, one of them is taking the minimum limit liability coverage from an insurance company. Few states also tell that which company is affiliated but much state forget to mention about the good, authenticated insurance providers. In such cases the customers are lost and look for the good companies and quotes because after all it is all about investing money which may or may not come back.Automotive insurance companies should mention there quotes very clearly so that the customers want to avail the facility can do it easily. Also automotive insurance companies should make their sales staff always ready so that whenever any customer ask of the explanation of the quotes they can do it. Along with the quotes the sales person should have knowledge about the discounts given. The quotes of automotive insurance company while defining the quotes should also define the discounts available and the pre conditions to it. The quotes which have been generated should be different from one type of driver to another otherwise if bad drivers are charged same as the good drivers then the business from the good drivers can go for a toss.So the planning part is very important to an automotive industry to come with some best quotes which can market themselves. Tie-up with companies which prepare databases of the quotes of various insurance providers can be done so that the work can become easy and can reach more number of customers of different region and state. With state the quotes should be made separately for each state because the minimum limit of each state varies. Also activities like billing process and prompt actions of the company is important which should also be promoted and checked along with the quotes. But the quotes are the foremost thing to attract customer so it should be handled and managed with care.