The Right Way To Raise Your Own Chickens And Ducks In Your Livestock Farm

Beginner livestock farmers face a lot of difficulties when raising chickens and ducks in their livestock farm. These two birds are not that difficult to raise if you know how to. The reason why some beginner farmers fail in raising these livestock is because they don’t do enough research on how to raise healthy chickens and ducks.To help you get started in raising your own chickens and ducks this article will provide you with expert guidelines on how to about becoming a happy livestock farmer.- Raising healthy chickensWhen you just starting out in raising chickens the very first thing you need to do is go to your local authorities to ask if you are allowed to raise this livestock in your area of residence. Most of the time you need to be permitted by your government.After you have made sure you are clear to raising your chickens then you should inform your neighbors on the project you want to pursue. Chickens can make a lot of noise especially in the morning which can annoy your neighbors.Just like any other project raising chickens requires you to have a budget. You will need to have some money to buy the equipment used in raising livestock, buy the livestock and buy fed. You should also build some shelter for your birds to rest at night and get protection from extreme temperatures and predators.Another important thing is to make sure you choose the right type of chicken breed. The different types of chickens to choose from are Wyandotte, Buckeye, Delaware and Brahma breeds. Some are good for meat production where else others are good for egg production. And for them to be healthy requires you to feed them with nutritious feeds and give them clean water everyday.- Raising healthy ducks.A lot of livestock farmers prefer raising ducks instead of chickens. Not only because their produce such as meat and eggs is in demand but because they are much simpler to raise than chickens.The most popular breed of duck that is raised in the USA is the Pekin duck which originated from China. A fully grown Pekin duck can weigh around 11 pounds and matures fast as well. They also lay a lot of eggs per year something like 200 eggs.When ducks are still young its very important that you feed them well. As they grow you should feed them starter feeds that should have at list 22% proteins. If you are on a tight budget its wise to raise meat ducks instead of egg ducks since they consume less feed.Taking care of them requires you to build them some shelter which can be constructed different from a chicken house. The house should be well covered so that it doesn’t get wet inside. The dry shelter will help stop bacteria from forming. If possible build a pond next to the shelter for the ducks to swim and play.Feeding you ducks with multivitamin feeds is important for their health and well being. And make sure they get checkups for diseases and other illnesses that can affect them.