The Right Way To Raising Healthy Pigs And Rabbits In Your Own Livestock Farm

If you want to save a lot of money in buying farm produce such as meat then owning you own livestock farm is the way to go. Livestock farming is a great way to feeding your family with fresh un-processed meat because you can raise your own livestock for meat production. And since these livestock are yours you can feed them with only healthy feed to make sure they produce quality products.Two types of livestock that can easily be raised by anyone are pigs and rabbits. Both these animals don’t require a lot of land to raise and their meat taste good and is in high demand.How to Raise Healthy PigsPigs can be raised in two ways, the commercial way or organic (traditional) way. Since a lot of people are now turning to eating organic foods most farmers are now raising their livestock the organic way. Organic meat is healthier than commercially produced meat which is why people like it. It also tastes a lot better.When raising pigs the organic way you simple allow them to graze in pastures and as a process they feed on the green grass, plants and herbs if they are available. The sun helps the pigs in giving the livestock natural ventilation and at the same time they exercise as they are grazing around.You farm yard should also have a variety of plants for your pigs to feed on. Plants like guava leaves and lemon grass are good for animal’s digestive system and also add flavor to the meat. Other organic diets to give your pigs are roasted soybeans, buckwheat, flax seed and organic corn.Pigs that are raised the organic way don’t consume antibiotics and animal products that cause diseases both to the livestock and humans.How to Raise Healthy RabbitsRabbits are quiet different from pigs, they are adorable fluffy creatures and a lot of people keep as pets. Rabbit also require more attention than pigs so if you have the heart to raising bunnies then you won’t have a problem in keeping these animals.For a rabbit to grow healthy requires you to feed them healthy food. The right food to give your bunny is a mixture fruits, vegetable and hay. Young bunnies can be given alfalfa hay while older ones can be given timothy hay.For snacks you can mix carrots, broccoli and spinach. Don’t forget to give your rabbits enough clean water everyday to help them digest the food and not to be dehydrated.