Is There a Market for Car Washing and Auto Detailing Kits for the Do-It-Yourselfer?

There have been many consumer studies by many different study groups on the number of Do-It-Yourselfers in the automotive customer market. Some of the research indicates that many people change their own oil and a huge percentage of the people indeed wash their own cars. One very wise Internet Entrepreneurial Guy stated that he believed this indicates potential opportunity to sell car wash or detailing kits online if they could separate themselves from the competition.Good point indeed one Car Wash Association indicated that nearly 40% of the people wash their own car. As fuel prices get higher that number might also climb, although with so many more cars on the road from sales each year the industry its self may not take a huge hit over all. So, are DIY or Do-It-Yourself Car Wash Kits a profitable item to sell on the Internet?Well, yes, I remember our company The Detail Guys had sold something like this on the Internet in 1996-1998 and only had a limited success due to price point. We stopped because of the costs and wanting to get back to our core business, by 2000 we stopped offering these. I think our biggest reasoning was;1.) Do we go and lease another building?2.) Get into the soap, tire dressing, window cleaner business?3.) Buy the other components to make up the DIY packages?We offered personal kits and supplies for mobile auto detailers, we has some good customers. It was kind of cool to sell products to our competitors, we figured we made money whether we actually cleaned the cars or not. Kind of like FedEx buying up Custom Clearing Companies in Canada. Whether you ship with them or not, they still get a piece of the action.What we found was the costs to put it all together and go with the increased volume meant that we had to hire a manager, two workers and a secretary, while dealing with all the OSHA laws and EPA cradle to grave policies which were coming into play back then. Lots of red tape and also many others had begun to copy us online and the price points were quite competitive within a 6 month to 1-year period; today competition will copy you the same day and even steal your Ad Copy too boot.I think I have an old business plan for that profit center somewhere, maybe I should dig it up and look into this in the future. Although I must say I much prefer my retirement than grinding it out in the competitive automotive sector. Besides there are many companies selling these on the Internet. In any case I hope this article propels thought in 2007.